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Since qualifying with a Diploma in Fine Woodwork, I’ve channelled my creativity into designing and making furniture for over ten years.

I strongly believe that ‘form follows function’, so you’re unlikely to see anything flouncy in my furniture. I’d much rather produce something that’s elegant and well-made.

I’m based in Hackney, east London and predominantly work close to home, but I occasionally work further afield. Just get in touch!

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3 Responses to > About

  1. Gary Cook says:

    Lovely work on your website, Karl. Well considered and useful furniture, unlike a lot of the rubbish out there.

    • Karl Rees says:

      Hi Gary. Thanks for your comments. I recently discovered your own website – you’ve got some lovely tools on there! I’m now signed up to your newsletter and looking forward to making my first purchase. Karl

  2. Gary Cook says:

    Hi Karl,

    Yes, I saw your name on the newsletter and nice E5 link! Let me know if there’s anythign specific you need, I have a lot of stuff in storage until I find a spare bit of space to call my own. Cheers.

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